Liberal Democrat Candidate for Campbell Park and Old Woughton

Nana Oguntola


For the past 13 years I have served the communities of Milton Keynes.


As a social entrepreneur with a Social Enterprise based at Kiln Farm, my focus has always been to contribute positively to the people of Milton Keynes, through filmmaking with young people, running business events, exhibitions, film competitions, online activities, shows and much more. 

As a Parish Councillor I understand the privelege and responsibilty that comes with serving our Parishioners.

Being a Milton Keynes Councillor will provide me with the opportunity to keep doing more.

I need you to help me do that by voting for me in the 2021 elections.

In the meantime, do not forget to follow me on my social media pages.

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What I will work for

There are two issue that underpin my desire to make a greater difference to Milton Keynes. Together with the casework that make up the bulk of every Councillor's workload and will make up mine is the desire to see change in the following two areas:

 Listening, Caring, Working for Milton Keynes

I became a member of the Campbell Park and Old Woughton Ward Focus team in the summer but I have already had the opportunity to carry out some casework for residents in the ward.

There is always a thrill that accompanies the fulfilment of a resident's wishes.


My first outing

I joined Cllr Paul Trendall and other members of the Lib Dem Focus team to clear a path in Downsbarn that had been reported as overgrown.

I was astonished and impressed by how the team answered the call of the residents and were close to their residents who were grateful for the work done.


The Pennyland Clear away

A resident from Pennyland contacted me after seeing me in the Focus newsletter about how her pathway was overgrown.

With elderly residents on both sides they found it difficult to keep the bushes under control. Once the Focus team was informed, Cllr Paul Trendall, Cllr Ric Brakenbury and other Focus team members came together to clear three areas of Pennyland that were overgrown.


Turnmill Avenue is not happy

A resident from Turnmill Avenue in Springfield informed me of the difficulty of driving on the road.


I was informed the accident had taken place because a pipe which belonged to Anglian Water had burst underground. Milton Keynes Council have confirmed they are working with Anglian Water to ensure Anglian Water take responsibility for the accident and fix the road. As this is a project which will cost a lot of money Anglian Water are not so keen so we will keep an eye on developments.


These are videos on issues that matter to me and interviews with other people on important subjects that can be of interest to residents across Milton Keynes. Contact me if you would like me to make a video or conduct an interview on any issue that matters to you.

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