Nana Oguntola

Liberal Democrat Candidate for Campbell Park and Old Woughton

Focus- Resilience- Patience- Empathy-Action-Confidence

These are the values I live by. I believe it is vital to have empathy for others no matter their situation. Different life experiences has taught me the value of this.

Building a successful organisation from the ground up has built my confidence in what I can do and in who I am.  I have learnt most things are possible if I approach them with confidence and self belief. 

I am the right person to represent you on Milton Keynes Council. I get things done with empathy, focus resilience and patience and I will always speak up in your interest because I am confident in what I can do.


My Passionn

I think life should be lived with passion.

I do this everyday in my work as I train young people to make films and watch them grow and learn through the process. Having worked with 1500 children I continue to commit to educating and providing opportunities for filmmaking which tell stories and have impact on communities.

Working with community groups and mainstream organisations I use my experience, training and passion to create understanding and support and provide platforms for communication, collaboration and understanding.

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The Issues people want fixed

Over the past year I have worked more actively within the community and I have come to learn that people care very much about their environment and their communities.

Our recent Focus team survey has also confirmed this with people identifying their top four priorities as crime, landscaping, litter and litter.


I have already been working in these areas on behalf of residents. As a Milton Keynes Councillor I will have access to far more resources within the Council to ensure these are deployed to effectively address these concerns.  

As a member of the Focus Team for Campbell Park and Old Woughton (CPOW)I have been out and about meeting residents and going to work on their behalf. Here are just a few of the casework I have been involved in. 

Electing me ensures you have an active hard-working person on Council who will be busy about meeting your interests and solving your problems.



Landscaping has been a big issue for residents.

The Focus Team has been busy listening to residents and helping to clear hedges and alleyways where possible-even cutting down tree branches.


We have reported to the parish and Borough Councils those that require more work than we can provide. 


Street sign survey

Your Focus team undertook a survey of street signs in the ward. 

We reported 11 as damaged and 2 as missing. 


We also cleaned up several dirty signs on Springfield. 


Lexham Road fixed

It took a time, lots of emails, contacting several stakeholders to get the grass on Lexham road cut and the strip adopted but I'm happy to say I did it and the people of Lexham Road now have relief from the overgrown bushes they had.


These are videos on issues that matter to me and interviews with other people on important subjects that can be of interest to residents across Milton Keynes. Contact me if you would like me to make a video or conduct an interview on any issue that matters to you.