Nana Oguntola



My name is Nana Oguntola and I am your Liberal Democrat candidate for Campbell Park and Old Woughton ward at the local elections on May 6th 2022.

I am dynamic, self-confident, hardworking and caring. These are the most important things to know about me because they are what I will put to work on your behalf. There is more about me below but they are all just the padding to add to who I already am--An effective and effectual human being.

​I was born in Ghana, raised in The Gambia and first came to the UK in 1992 when I attended Winchester University and received my first degree in Drama, Theatre and TV.

​I earned an Executive MBA in the Creative Industries from Ashridge Business School in Berkhamsted.

I became a naturalised British citizen in 2019. Although I could have done this from the moment I got married in 2002, I felt that what was important about being British was my contribution to the community and society where I lived. By contributing positively to the UK I believed that made me British and doing so on paper was just a formality.

I am passionate about Milton Keynes. It is a beautiful place, and I believe we can make Milton Keynes even better if we continue to work hard together and not give up or settle into complacency.






















I joined the Liberal Democrats working alongside dedicated Councillors such as Paul Trendall and Ric Brackenbury and the Focus team to deliver leaflets, listen to and speak on behalf of residents and help with clearing overgrown paths.

As a Parish councillor with Campbell Park Parish council for the past five years I have advocated and worked for our parishioners on issues such as our play areas, community engagement and as Chair of the Communications committee for the past three years I have been instrumental in improving our communications platform such as our website, magazine and social media presence.

I am also a local business owner. My organisation runs Junior Filmmakers, which has taught and produced films with more than one thousand young people from the Milton Keynes area over the past eight years, producing almost one hundred films. We have worked with Milton Keynes Council, Network Rail, BBC Children in Need, Heritage Lottery, Campbell Park Parish Council alongside a host of other partners to deliver projects for our young people. 

One of the most important things I have learnt as a business owner and social entrepreneur is the value of listening to people and the value of providing a platform to tell their stories and to be heard. I will take that learning and that passion into my role as a Ward Councillor to ensure that the residents within the ward are heard, are seen, are featured and not ignored.

A vote for me in May 2022 is a vote for your voice, for your needs, for your presence, a vote to make your concerns front and centre.














My activism is closely related to the work I do for a living. Essentially I use my work to fund and implement my activism, which is why I am called a social entrepreneur.

Through my work I have made films on road safety, railway safety, sexual abuse and made made films featuring marginalised groups.

Some of my current projects focus on knife crime and celebrating some key figures from Milton Keynes who have had global impact.



















I am usually very busy so I do enjoy those moments when I can simply switch everything off and take off somewhere with my family. My oldest son is seventeen and off to University next year, my second son is fifteen and is going to sixth form in September whilst my daughter is ten and going to high school next year.

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