Reduce Knife Crime

Updated: Mar 1

In October 2019, Ben Gilham-Rice and Dom Ansah, two 17 year olds lost their lives at a party in Emmerson Valley. In November 2020, Lewis Wenman, a 17 year old lost his life in Springfield. On January 1st 2021 Jay Fathers (Cunningham) lost his life in Stantonbury.

Lewis Wenman

They were all victims of knife crime

Our young people are dying in MK, cut down in their prime due to violent

assaults involving knife crime..

This must stop

As a mother of two teenage boys, my heart literally climbs up to my mouth each time they say they want to go out. They have energy and want to be with their friends, restricted now due to COVID-19 but normally they do. When they mention they want to go a party there is usually world war three in my house with all kinds of promised reassurances from them before they can leave the house. I am so scared all the time. They laugh and say nothing will happen to us, we are not in gangs and people love us. But how can you know what grudge is held against you or if you could just be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

As a teenager this was never my concern. I was safe to spend time outside the home with my friends without any worries to my mother that I might be killed by knives.

We must work to ensure a safer city for our children

I have committed myself to doing what I am able to do to combat knife crime in Milton Keynes. Through my work with Junior Filmmakers, I have launched 'The Lewis Initiative' in memory of Lewis Wenman to make films about knifes with young people and to create an employability project to support young people with training and employment skills and opportunities within the creative sector.

I have so far received funding from L and Q Foundation and the support of Cllrs Terry Baines and Paul Trendall from Milton Keynes Council.

We can and must all do something

It does not matter how small it is we must all commit to working together as a city to save the lives of our young people.

My commitment is to continue this work both within my professional life and as a Milton Keynes Councillor.

Because it matters.

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