Sam Crooks

Former Council Leader and Mayor of Milton Keynes   

Nana's a wonderful person. I've known her since she came to MK in 2007.  She's inspired me with her wide experience of so many countries, her professional career making films, and her commitment to young people.  She will be a real asset on the Council.


John Best

I have known Nana for over five years and throughout that time have been aware of many of the excellent projects she has promoted.  She brings a breadth of experience to these, sets herself ambitious targets and her achievements have been significant.  I`m aware of her successful background in broadcast, which has taken her into film where her work with young film-makers has been exemplary.  She has diligently applied herself to building her range of impressive skills including studies for an MBA. She has applied her skills to a range of subjects, including film, music and writing.  Underlying all of those is her a strong commitment to social issues of wide application, tackling injustices where they persist, and promoting awareness of important social stories that need to be told.  She brings a great
 deal of energy to all the projects and issues she tackles.


David Pafford

I would like to say that I have known Nana through the Parish  Council for some time and have always noted the amount of work carried out by her in the parish not only on the estate but also working with the young people from the school and with working with them to produce films about where they live.


Christiana King

I knew Nana from a very young age in Gambia . She has always been ambitious and adventurous. This has been her goal to attain higher heights in everything she does . She is  a hardworking lady who gives 100%to any goal that she sets out to achieve. She is very honest and frank in whatever responsibility is levied on her. I have seen these qualities in her since her early days in the broadcasting field in which I was privileged to have worked with her. I have no doubt that she would be  a very good councillor with bags of ideas to improve whatever development projects need to be executed-


Dr Walter Greaves

‘Having known Nana over several years I am delighted that she is our candidate and to endorse her enthusiastically.  She is always extremely efficient and hard working in anything she does and her charm and geniality wins the ready co-operation of others which is so necessary in an effective Councillor’